Capstone ePortfolio: Joanna Russell Bliss 

Research & Publication

Juvenile Collection Project

Spring 2020

I began working on a project at SMU in January to fill out the juvenile collection for education majors. It came about because it was found that more books are needed that explain world religions in a way that children will find informative and meaningful. It expanded to evaluate the diversity within the collection as a whole, and to grow the collection for better representation. 

  • I worked on the project for most of the spring semester, learning about how to make juvenile collections more diverse and collecting possible titles. The goal is to purchase all suggested titles throughout the 2020-2021 academic year. 
  • I presented this work, alongside my boss, at the Cross Timbers Library Collaborative Conference in August 2020. This conference is usually held in Denton, TX, but was held virtually this year due to the novel coronavirus. The slides from our presentation are embedded below.


August 2020

I was invited to assist with a digital humanities conference that was held at Southern Methodist University (it was originally scheduled to be in person, but it was held virtually). In preparation for the conference, I studied last year's conference materials, organized by Rafia Mirza (the digital humanities librarian at SMU), and I helped to revise the website from last year before we began asking for applications for the conference. I was involved in the discussions on how to update the modules and pedagogy for this year's conference, particularly its digital format, and I edited the modules for grammar, broken links and clarity in the weeks leading up to the conference. During the week-long event, I supported the conference leaders by taking notes every day and helping to facilitate conversations among participants as needed.

The screen grab below links to the website for our conference. Each "repo" link takes users to the modules covered during the week. I edited all of the modules with the exception of the Python repository, which was built by our Office of Information Technology.
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