Capstone ePortfolio: Joanna Russell Bliss 

Impact of My Professional Development

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This section is a critical component in your ePortfolio in representing and discussing your readiness to begin a career as an information professional. Please write an impact essay (also called an impact statement) in which you discuss, and illustrate with examples, the key learning outcomes from your program of study courses, practical experiences and research.  Discuss the difference this Master of Science degree program has made in your ability to impact the information profession and its stakeholders.  Please weave statements associated with specific work products into your essay as evidence of reported learning outcomes and actual or potential impacts. If you have completed a practicum or internship, talk about how course learning, practical experiences, and focused research impacted your work during your practicum or internship.  Also, reflect back to what you include in Educational and Professional Goals (under your ePortfolio landing page) and discuss the impact that your degree program experiences have had on those original goals and objectives. Provide an assessment as to the extent your degree program enabled you to meet those goals. You can also discuss important changes in your early goals/objectives as a result of experiences within the Master of Science degree program.  

This IMPACT statement should be professional and thorough.  Provide at least 7-8 strong paragraphs.
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