Capstone ePortfolio: Joanna Russell Bliss 

ALA Competency 6: Research

INFO 5000, Job Description Assignment

The purpose of this assignment was to analyze a variety of job descriptions and postings related to an area of interest. The below PowerPoint summarizing my findings was turned in on September 22, 2019.
Since I have been working as a Reference and User Experience Intern at Southern Methodist University, I wanted to see what types of similar positions exist within user experience (UX) or user services -- What kinds of skills are required? What would the daily duties look like?

I found that the duties would be similar to what I do at the SMU reference desk at Fondren Library, providing reference information both in-person and virtually. Some listings required knowledge of content management and creation, which I have done for clients outside libraries but could easily do within that world. My one disappointment was that only three of the 15 listings that I analyzed mentioned information literacy, a key aspect of reference and user services (and ALA competence 5D), and something that I have become drawn to as a component of teaching research skills to students.

While the skills necessary for positions in user experience or user services are directly tied to ALA's 5th core competence, "Reference and User Services," the project was compiled using the research skills listed in the competencies for "Research." In particular, I strengthened my quantitative and qualitative research skills (6A), using Nvivo to analyze the text of these job listings.
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