Capstone ePortfolio: Joanna Russell Bliss 

ALA Competency 2: Information Resources

INFO 5740, Digital Library Prototype

The purpose of this assignment was to create a prototype for a digital library using Omeka. The URL for my website was submitted for review on July 1, 2020. 

This assignment allowed me to explore the intricacies of an open-source software like Omeka. While I have worked with WordPress for more than 10 years now, I had never used this software before. I approached this project with my experience in marketing and content management in my back pocket, and my about page on the site notes that my goal was to share photographs for use in marketing. The framework is from a marketing perspective, but the organization of and metadata for my resources was strictly rooted in librarianship. I also particularly enjoyed learning how to use the plug in StoryMapJS to create a map of the locations of my photographs.

[Image description: A screengrab of the homepage for my digital library, created with Omeka. The image shows the name of my site, Photographs of Europe, and a photo I took of my family in a mirror at Versailles, France, in 2019.]

The limitations of the free version of the software (500 MG of storage space) forced me to carefully consider the inclusion of each resource. How did each resource relate to the mission of this library? How large should each collection be? And how did they all interrelate in ways that would be useful to others?

Because of these considerations as I built the website, while it certainly relates to ALA's technical competences in 4A and 4B, I felt this project correlated more strongly to the competences related to information resources, particularly 2B, the acquisition and disposition of resources, 2C, the management of various collections, and 2D, the maintenance of collections.
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